Show #3 – The No Name RC Podcast Future of RC Series, Max Mort

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This week on The No Name RC Podcast Lefty sits down with rising young talent Max Mort. We discuss how he started with JQ Racing, DNC 2018, The Worlds, various other topics and Max answers some viewer’s questions.

The Future of RC series is series of discussions we will have with rising young talent within the industry. Stay tuned for more episodes with the up and coming young stars of RC. We believe in promoting the young drivers as they are the future of our sport please listen and enjoy.

The No Name RC Podcast was created with the intention of talking about races, cars, drivers and industry news from the off road RC racing scene. We also plan on  having special guests from within the industry to give their take on things going on. We plan to produce a podcast weekly or bi weekly depending on what content is available.

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