Show #18 – The Viking David Ronnefalk

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Whats going on NNRC Squad Episode #18 is available for downloading and listening. This weeks guest is 2016 World Champion Davis “The Viking” Ronnefalk Lefty and David chop it up talking about his devastating early exit from his DNC nitro buggy final, his early career, life as a professional RC racer, his social media presence, traveling, mental approach to RC, future in RC, RCGP and many other topics. Thank you David for your time.

The Fast Race 10 questions 10 second segment is in full effect and David answers all of Lefty’s questions and even gets in some good banter. Check out for all your performance hop-ups and step up your bling factor with some of their great products and remember use promo code LEFTY2019 to get 10% off your order.

This week Jeff joins JQ and Left in the Assault RC Invisible Speed set up section and we talk about universals vs CVAs and as always there is some proper banter. Don’t forget to go to and when you check out use promo code LEFTY19 and get 10% off your entire order. Lefty really recommends the tool holder it is perfect for holding your hex wrenches, nut drivers etc on your pit table while you wrench and comes in black and red.

Finally JQ gets to rant in the JQ Racing Rant segment and it is about permanent tracks vs one off trackĀ  builds for big races. Is there and advantage????

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