Show #23 – DXR Race Review & Ryan Lutz

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Waaaaassssssuuuuppppp NNRC Squad we took a week off but we are back with episode #23 The DXR Dirt Kings Recap with JQ, Jeff and LTG. They talk about the race and event from a spectators point of view. The race was probably one the the best we have seen and well done to the DXR guys for thier hard work.

Winner of the race Ryan Lutz joins Lefty to talk about his hard fought and well deserved victory at this race. They discuss why he chose the tires he used, confidence going in, battling with the young WC Ongaro for 45 mins and the emotions after the race. Congratulations Ryan !!

On the Assault RC Invisible Speed segment this week JQ answers a question about antisquat, Thank you to the listeners that send us the questions we will get to all of them keep them coming. Thank you to Assault RC and please go check them out at find something you need and use promo code LEFTY19 for 10% off . The tool holder its the best one in RC so far !!

There is no Fast Race 10 Question 10 Second segment this week unfortunately. It will be back next week with Kyle Mcbride.

The JQ Racing Rant!!!!

Lefty explains to JQ why he hates Ebuggy, Jeff talks about JQ’s FB trolling and how people get triggered to fast, trophies comes up again, Jeff and JQ talk about big races and if they give the racing value that they once did and they finish up talking about the practice track at the upcoming SilverState race.

Thank you to Tim Smith of the TSR RC podcast for the awesome voice note and he will be joining Lefty as a guest very soon.

Thank you to all the NNRC Squad around the world your support is appreciated we cannot do it with out you guys and thank you to all the patrons that go the extra mile we greatly appreciate all the support if you wish to be a patron you can do so at every little bit helps.