Show #26 – The No Name RC Podcast Future of RC Series, Camden Lime & Pelle Culmsee

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Nitro is the Glory but E buggy Pays the Bills!!

Episode #26 is now available for downloading and listening, this week is about The Future of RC series with USA’s Camden Lime and Denmark’s Pelle Culmsee. Two young and up and coming racers from 2 different continents and racing cultures but race for the same HB Team. They discuss how they got into RC what they love about it what they want to see change, who influences them, their RC dreams and much more. Thank you Camden and Pelle.

The FastRace 10 question 10 sec segment 2X the fun this week as Lefty grills both Camden and Pelle and they handle the questions with ease. Fast Race is the Italian shop for all you 8th scale performance and Bling Bling needs check out thier awesome  shock caps and honeycomb shock bladders. Please use promo code LEFTY2019 for 10% off your order.

The Assault RC Invisible speed segment is back and the Padawan Max Mort talks about droop, ride height and track width. Remember to go to for your small RC needs including lubes, bearings, charge leads and other great bits. Use promo code LEFTY19 on checkout for 10% of your order

The Tekno RC Grassroots Racer Spotlight is here and gaining popularity this is the segment dedicated to the guys out there working hard during the week to race on the weekend the true heroes of the rc world this segment is for you and gives you a platform to talk. This weeks guest is fellow podcaster Joe Zaier Jr from Minnesota thank you Tekno RC and thank you Joe . If you want to be a part of the spotlight please contact us

The JQ Racing Rant is Back !!!!!

This week JQ and Lefty rant about young up and coming racers and 40+ racers.

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