Show #137 The No Name RC Podcast – Infinity’s Riccardo Berton

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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro 
18:53 – Beach RC Bench Racing Q&A
1:44:57 – Tekno RC
2:28:37 – Sun City RC Raceway Down Quiet 

What’s going on everybody!!!! It is Friday and that means it is podcast day and the weekend is here!!!
Joining Lefty in the virtual studio is the 2019 European Champion Infinity’s Riccardo (Pretty Ricky) Berton. Thank you to Riccardo for your time and good luck at EOS this weekend.

Max Mort is back this week to answer your questions and talk RC thank you Max for your time good buddy!

It was a good podcast where we talked about the drama in the UK Nationals, F1 Drivers with RC cars and much more.

Thank you for all the continued support everyone, enjoy the podcast and your weekend be safe and have fun.
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