Show #12 The No Name RC Podcast – Legends of RC Series, Mark Pavidis

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Episode#12 is in the books Lefty got to talk to 2006 8th scale WC Mark Pavidis in a candid talk about his career, his WC win in 2006, his son Ryan following in his footsteps, his departure from AKA and much more. Thank you Mark for your time.

Jeff Keeton joins left at the beginning to talk about the SIC race and how he felt Tebo,Lutz and Cole looked on the track, his performance and the event period.

We have a new segment sponsored by Assault RC it is called The Invisible Speed Segment and it will be a segment where JQ has to answer a set up question or topic of the week. Jeff has the question for him as he tries to stump JQ with a difficult question. Thank you to Assault RC for coming on board and you guys can check out for the latest products for all performance RC featuring the best lubes and specialty tools on the market. Use LEFTY19 at checkout for 10% your entire order at

Don’t forget the JQ Racing Rant where Lefty and JQ talk about classes and sponsorship in RC.

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The No Name RC Podcast is a weekly show, created with the intention of talking about races, cars, drivers and industry news from the off road RC racing scene. We have guests on from within the industry to give their take on things, and additionally have weekly segments.