Show #9 – Silly Season with Lefty, JQ & Jeff Keeton

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Happy New Year everyone we hope you enjoyed your holidays the NNRC crew is back with an in depth look into the exciting Silly Season we just witnessed in the off road RC world. Unfortunately the village idiot from Finland JQ decided to co-host with Lefty TG and we had new Team JQ driver and Silly Season analyst Jeff (The Keeton) Keeton on to give his opinions on the moves made over the holidays.

Also we have added a new segment to the podcast sponsored by JQ Racing called the JQ Racing Rant. The JQ Racing Rant will be a segment where we rant about something in the industry that we feel needs ranting about. In this weeks rant Lefty rips JQ a new one for his inability to sign a top name in 2019, you will not want to miss this one !

Don’t forget our 10 question 10 second segment and this week Lefty is on the hot seat as JQ asks him the hard questions. Remember if you go to type in LEFTY2019 and get 10% off your purchase.

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