Show #1 The Starting Grid the Official Podcast of RCGP, Mat McCallum

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This is the first Episode of The Starting Grid – The Official Podcast of RCGP. Keenan White aka Lefty The Great from The No Name RC Podcast has been hired to host the podcast which will be focusing on the RCGP Series starting in May. This show has Matt McCallum of CTRL, RC Racing TV and now media manager for RCGP on to talk about his time in RC, what RCGP is all about and how he thinks it will change off road RC for the better.

The Starting Grid will be a regular podcast covering everything RCGP, leading up to it as well as when the races start, talking to everyone involved. If you wish to learn more about RCGP please visit their website at as well as on their Facebook Page.

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the podcast, learn more about what RCGP is going to do, and remember for change to happen, things actually have to change.