Show #2 The Starting Grid, Joseph Quagraine

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Episode #2 of The Starting Grid is in the books and Lefty sits down and talks with one of the individuals behind the whole RCGP idea Joseph Quagraine aka JQ, Joseph chats about the race format, locations the RC2 class, spec tires, and why he feels RC needs RCGP. He also answers some of the questions that have been floating around about the whole RCGP idea for months. We hope you enjoy the podcast and learn some more about what will be happening with RCGP.

The Starting Grid will be a regular podcast covering everything RCGP, leading up to it as well as when the races start, talking to everyone involved. If you wish to learn more about RCGP please visit their website at as well as on their Facebook Page.

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the podcast, learn more about what RCGP is going to do, and remember for change to happen, things actually have to change.