Show #4 The Starting Grid, HB Team David Ronefalk & Cole Ogden, Team Manager of Scuderia Scampi Rossi Beat Knutti

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This week on Episode #4 of The Starting Grid Lefty talks to HB Racing team drivers David “The Viking” Ronnefalk and Cole Ogden while they are in Spain practicing and getting ready for the first round of RCGP in Manila, Philippines in one month. They are both excited to be apart of the first ever World Series of RC racing and looking forward to the new revolutionary format of racing that will be broadcast world wide. The share thier thoughts on and expectations for round one as well as spending some time in the beautiful Philippines.

Lefty then has the  CommSportMX Scuderia Scampi Rosso Team Manager Beat Knutti. Beat explains to Lefty how a non RC industry funded team started and is now a part of RCGP. Talks about Swiss driver Patrick Hofer looks to improve by racing with some of the fastest racers on the planet. He talks about having current IFMAR WC Davide Ongaro on the team and goes on to explain how the unique team name came about.

Thank you all for listening and supporting this podcast as well as the NNRC and we look forward to bringing you the listeners more content from Rc around the world!


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