Show #21 – The No Name RC Podcast, Cole Ogden

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Wassup NNRC Nation episode #21 is here!! This week’s guest is in the virtual studio is the Beast from the East Cole Ogden. Cole and Lefty talk about life in Spain, east coast racing, west coast racing, what he feels needs to change in rc, RCGP and many other topics. Once again thank you to all of our listeners around the world for your support with out you guys this can not be done.

In the Assault RC Invisible Speed Segment JQ takes some FB questions from the listeners of the podcast. Remember go check out for some cool products for your 10th/8th scale needs and use promo code LEFTY19 for 10% off your purchase !! Thank you Assault RC for your continued support!

The Fast Race Shop 10 question 10 second segment this week is with Cole Ogden as Lefty asks him some crazy questions RC related and non RC related and Cole give his answers the questions in the only way Cole can. Please check out with thier innovative shock caps and honeycomb shock bladders used by racers such as Davide Ongaro and Riccardo Berton. Use promo code LEFTY2019 and get 10% off your purchase !!!


Disclaimer the rant is sponsored by JQ Racing and its uncensored opinions of things we see in RC that we feel need changing and offer solutions for them. It does get rowdy but thats how it gets when we talk about things we are passionate about. This week’s rant is about race format and we want to know who wins this rant so let us know who does.

There is also a give away connected to this pc the first person to find out the meaning of the word Lefty used against JQ in this PC and the correct definition will win a NNRC car stand from JBRC Designs. Thank you to Josh Boehm for making the car stands for us. Please check out Josh’s 3d printing and bits and pieces at

Thank you to Adam Friki and his brother from Malaysia for the opening voice not. Adam is a young fast Malaysian that is looking forward to participating in RC2 at the RCGP RD #1 in the Philippines.

Also thank you to our Patrons that support the show your donations are much appreciated. We have some cool swag to give away also. If you wish to help support the NNRC Podcast every little bit helps and you can at