Show #22 – Tyler Jones & PNB Recap with Greg Degani, JQ & Jeff Keeton

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WOOOOOOOOOO!!! PNB was awesome if you missed it you missed a great time !!! Lefty is back he is tired, his voice is hoarse but the podcast must go on. This week on Episode #22 Lefty talks to PNB Pro Nitro Buggy winner Tyler Jones. Tyler shocked the off road world be winning this weekend and looking good doing it. They talk about his time in rc, his approach to rc while in school and working and how he had to miss ebuggy race to go home in time for school. Congratulations Tyler for the win and thank you bud for coming on the PC .

40+ PNB Champ Greg “The Toe” Degani joins JQ, Jeff “Big Sexy” Keeton and Lefty to talk about PNB. They cover the racing, the track, drama, Drone Attacks and much more. It was a great event Thank you to Dave and RaceTime Entertainment and Bobby Moore Track Masters for the awesome track. Thank you to Degani and Keeton for thier time.

The Fast Race 10 questions 10 second segment with Tyler Jones is a good one. Tyler does a good job answering and passes it with flying colors. Remember to go check out for all your Italian Bling Bling needs including thier shock caps and original honeycomb shock bladders and please use promo code LEFTY2019 for 10% off your purchase.

The Assault RC Invisible Speed segment this weeks questions are about Diffs, tyre balancing and what does JQ do in his free time. Thank you to the listeners that send us the questions we will get to all of them keep them coming. Thank you to Assault RC and please go check them out at find something you need and use promo code LEFTY19 for 10% off . The tool holder its the best one in RC so far !!

THE RANT !!!!!

This week on the JQ Racing rant we talk about Trophies or lack of trophies in RC now days BRING BACK COOL TROPHIES !!!!

Thank you to Mike and Heather Hill for the voice note of thier awesome dog Rocky The race Dog and one of the JQ racing Mascots !!

Thank you to all the NNRC Squad around the world your support is appreciated we cannot do it with out you guys and thank you to all the patrons that go the extra mile we greatly appreciate all the support if you wish to be a patron you can do so at every little bit helps.

Enjoy the Podcast everyone !