Show #7 The Staring Grid the Official Podcast of the RCGP World Series 1&2 Revie from Manila, Phillipines, with JQ, Brent Densford (Beach RC) and LTG

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On this episode JQ, Brent and Lefty talk about the awesome first rounds of RCGP Philipines. Current IFMAR World Champion Davide Ongaro won Rd#1 Saturday then RD#2 Sunday leaving Manila with the Championship lead for drivers as well as the Team points. The racing was awesome from the first qualifier all heads up racing and inverted the starting grid each round.

JQ talks about how it felt to see RCGP actually happen, Brent is pumped about his Beach RC team and LTG is just pumped period. They touch on the drivers, racing, track, professional coverage and the soon to be released post race show.

Congratulations to Pelle Culmsee for winning the RC2 class and all the participants that took part the racing was great in thier finals and hopefully more top young Euro drivers joining Pelle in Austria in 4 weeks time. We talk about how RC2 is the stepping stone to RCGP and how it can grow young drivers to become pros.

Also congrats to the JR drivers that participated in the JR final and the 40+ drivers that participated it all makes for great a great event.

Congratulations and job well done to all those involved it was RC history in the making Great job RCGP!!

Next race is at the Fehring in Austria more of an MX style track big, dirt and high speeds it should be interesting to see who comes out on top after this next race.

Remember the post race sho should be up on Extreme TV this weekend you can also find all info on the website as well as the RCGP Facebook and Instagram page and also on the RCGP Youtube page

RC2 guys if you was on the fence of Austria jump pff the fence let’s see all the fast young guys race next race who can dethrone Pelle ? Sign up and race !!

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