Show #32 – The No Name RC Podcast Legends of RC Series – Jason Ashton

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Wasssup NNRC Squad thank you thank you thank you last week’s EP #31 helped us break the 50K download milestone and that is not possible with all of you guys the listeners and supporters of the podcast next stop 100K!!!

This week on Episode #32 our guest is the 2004 Roar Fuel Off Road National Champion Jason Ashton. Jason talks about his time in the industry and is brutally honest about his time as a pro, reflects on decisions he made, how he feels the industry is now, life after RC, his business Mad Moose  Media that has him on the road weekly, family  life and much more. Thank you Jason for your time. Please check out his photography business at IG @madmoosemedia and Facebook.


The Assault RC Invisible Speed Segment

This weeks topic about thick rear ends (diffs) thank you Omar for the question. Thank you listeners for the questions and keep them coming, remember go to use promo code LEFTY19 and get 10% off your order.


The Tekno RC Grassroots Racer Spotlight

This weeks guest Tyson Walsh from Australia yea Down Under oioioi!! Tyson talks to LTG about racing in Oz, his travels around Asia racing and how he will now be on the look out for the illusive Thylacine now that LTG told him about it !! Thank you Tyson we appreciate your time and coming on the Tekno RC Grassroots Racer Spotlight.

Tekno RC is a premium manufacturer specializing in competitive, dependable and affordable 1/8th and 1/10th scale buggies and trucks for racers and RC enthusiasts. Visit for a complete catalog of their vehicles, parts, hop ups and accessories


The ???10 Questions 10 Second Segment


The ??? 10 Question 10 Second Segment returns with Jason Ashton and he answers the questions in his brutally honest fashion. Thank you Jason.


The JQ Racing Rant

There is no official rant this week because well it was too hot LOL


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