Show #37 The No Name RC Podcast Legends of RC – “Jammin” Jay Halsey

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Wasssup NNRC Squad hope you guys had a great weekend of RC and are getting ready for another weekend of RC because it is almost the weekend. We are back with EP #37 after Lefty took a week of to chill somewhat and accept that hes getting closer to 50 every day !!

This week on the podcast we have one of the true icons in RC Jammin Jay Halsey the 1985 IFMAR WC and many other accolades he has earned over his time in RC. Lefty and Jay talk about the early years, winning the WC in 1985, forming Jammin racing, how the Jammin buggy and truggy came about, his work in the TV/Commercial/Movie industry and much more it was truly a pleasure to talk to Jay and have him on the podcast thank you Jay for your time.


The Assault RC Invisible Speed Segment

This week Lefty asks JQ to explain the difference between pillow ball cars and c hub cars, remember go to use promo code LEFTY19 and get 10% off your order.


The Tekno RC Grassroots Racer Spotlight

This weeks guest is 13 year old Joey Bourdon. Joey and his dad have been traveling a lot lately to race and he sits down with Left and thy talk about it.

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The ???10 Questions 10 Second Segment

Jay has no problem with the 10 question 10 second segment.


The JQ Racing Rant

Well this week you better have your big boy/girl pants on Jeff and JQ are back together again and we rant on various subjects  this week it is epic . WARNING WARNING WARNING this is uncensored and raw and this week is definitely not for SnowFlakes but its funny and it is the opinions the people that are talking not the podcast so enjoy.


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