Show #93- The No Name RC Podcast – The NNRC Hotline with Lefty & Wallie Builds bought to you by Tekno RC

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Wassup NNRC Squad here is the audio from the NNRC Hotline this week with  Lefty and Wallie Builds.

Thank you to all that joined us to chat RC and those that took the time to call in and talk.

Thank you to Nick Wautlet aka Wallie Builds for his time and knowledge.

Thank you everyone that tuned in to the Hotline and called it is always fun interacting with you guys.

Thank you to Tekno RC for bringing us the NNRC Hotline!!!

Thank you and big shout out to all the the NNRC Listeners from around the world none of this is possible with out you guys.

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Thank you to Nick Wautlet of Wallie Builds for his time.

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