Driver Profiles – Cole Ogden

When you think of east coast racing one name has become synonymous over the last 5 years. That name is HB Racing’s Cole (The Beast From The East) Ogden.May be an image of 1 person and text
The Georgia native burst onto the South East race scene as a kid and had progressed to become the first ever full factory pro driver from the east coast. Many will remember Cole from the 2017 NATS when he was able to overcome a 1 Lap penalty in the semi final to win then go on to the final where he would lead for some time but alas no podium.
Flying the HB Racing flag for almost 4 years now he has been pivotal to the growth of the company on the east coast. Cole also is one of the few Americans to recently spend time in Europe with his teammate 2016 WC David “The Viking” Ronnefalk. With this came some much needed racecraft and confidence necessary to be a to be. Champion.
Cole has shown incredible pace and speed in many races over the years but this has not led to many victories lately. It seems to be either Hot or Cold for Ogden no in between.
At the DNC Cole left jaws on the ground with a convincing 2nd place and the only driver that had anything for Ryan Maifield. Had that race been 60 mins Cole would have won.
Going into PNB, which can be considered a home race for Cole and after the performance at DNC the hopes were high. This would not be the case as Cole could not repeat his DNC form and had settle for a sub par 17th.
SIlverState was no different as the Southerner would finish in 15th in the Pro Nitro Buggy class,
Let’s not forget the epic battle between Cole and Maifield at LCRC Raceway last year for the Mugen Challenge in which Cole had the speed and should have won, but inconsistenty would strike again.
Talent and ability are things Cole has oodles of……but as we know it takes more than that. Can the man with the mullet put the whole package together and bring a National Championship to the East Coast and for HB Racing?