Driver Profiles – Ryan Cavalieri

4 World Championships, 24 National Titles, 4x Reedy Race Champion, Neo Race Champion and multiple other big wins. When your resume looks like that it’s not hard to get the moniker The GOAT.May be an image of text
The SoCal native has been winning since the Dead Sea started getting sick. Ryan Cavalieri was born to do one thing better than most and that is racing rc cars and winning.
Aptly nicknamed Pudge in his younger years Cav is no longer pudgy but at the age of 35 he is still considered one of the best in the world and a threat at any race.
The last few years of Cav’s career have been tumultuous after leaving long-time chassis sponsor AE for SWORKz/Yokomo at the end of 2018.
This didn’t stop Cav, seeing victory in 2020 with SWORKz but decided to move back to where it all started for him at TLR.
Cav went into 2021 with one of the biggest chassis and tire teams in the industry TLR and Proline and his transition has been productive. While the Californian has not tasted victory yet this year he has shown once again that it’s only a matter of time by adapting quickly to his new rides the top step is not faraway.
The DNC would see Cav beating his TLR teammate (Phend) with a 6th place finish. At PNB Cav would battle it out for a 3rd place in a race he probably should have won. SIlverState would be his worst finish with a lonely 12th place finish.
Often misunderstood by people with his passion and aloofness. Make no mistake Cav wants to win and will do what it takes to win hence why his resume is so decorated.
The GOAT won his first 1/8th title in 2005 with Kyosho then again in 2011 with Team Associated. Can he bring TLR their first 1/8th title since Adam Drake last did it for them in 2013? The signs all point to yes but we won’t know until this upcoming weekend.