Driver Profiles – Tanner Denney

The DNC was full of surprises for many but one driver in particular stunned many with his 3rd place finish in nitro buggy.May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and text
Tanner Denney shocked everyone in the first qualifier by finishing second and then going on to qualify second place overall, even out qualifying his mentor Ryan Maifield.
Denney’s pace was amazing and his line choices unorthodox but the Arizona native left the DNC on a high note.
At PNB (9th) and SIlverState (8th) while top ten results the 25 year probably expected better but this is called racing not called winning.
The Mugen Seiki driver has Adam Drake and Maifield on his team and that equals a plethora of support and knowledge to pull from.
Maifield has been very influential in Denney’s career is it now time for the student to best the master next week at the Nationals?
Will we see DNC Tanner show up and show the RC World that he is now a Jedi and shed his Padawan status?
He has the abilities and the support……We will find out next week!