Show #228 The No Name RC Podcast – British GP Race Recap with The Briefcase

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Time Stamps:

8:35 – Max N Lefty catch up and DNC Geek Out 

50:17 – RC News

1:27:42 –  Bench Racing Q&A 

2:32:18 – MKGP Race Recap 

3:33:41 – Max talks Inverted Shocks 7 Conclusion


What is going on RC World !!! 

The MKGP happened last weekend in a busy shopping mall in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. The best 1/0th off road carpet racers in Europe as well as Broc Champlin and Ryan Cavalieri, both made the trip across the pond to jolly olde England to race.


The racing was great, the coverage was good and getting what we do in front of thousands of eyes is what we need in rc to grow it. Will Venables joins me to recap the race and professor Max joins me to geek out on the DNC, answer your questions and talk inverted shocks all on Show #228 !!


Thank you all for the support and enjoy !


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