Show #229 The No Name RC Podcast – New ROAR Racing President Clayton Young

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  • Time Stamps :
  • 7:20 – Lefty & Max Catchup 
  • 9:13 – RC News
  • 1:13:08 – Bench Racing Q&A
  • 2:12:10 – Main Interview Clayton Young 
  • 3:14:38 – Final thoughts 


What is going on RC Racing world we are back with Show #229 and joining me in the NNRC virtual studio is the New ROAR President Clayton young. Clayton is very transparent and holds no punches on what he found upon taking over the leadership of the federation. 


It was a great chat with the new president and let’s give him a chance to fix ROAr and get the people holding it back out !


Max and I talk RC News, answer your Bench Racing Questions and geek out on RC for a couple of hours. 

We hope you enjoy and thank you for all the continued support.







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